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Hindlimb unloading rodent model: Technical aspects.

Advances in Space Biology and Medicine, Volume 1

J Appl Physiol ;— Wade CE. Responses across the gravity continuum: Hypergravity to microgravity. In: Sonnenfeld G, Ed. Development as adaptation: A paradigm for gravitational and space biology.

Journal Rankings on Space and Planetary Science

Perinatal stimulation and adaptation of the neonate. Acta Pediatr ;;8— Phifer CB. The study of early feeding and drinking behaviors. New York: Oxford Univer-sity Press, — A descriptive analysis of the postnatal development of contact righting in rats Rattus norvegicus. Dev Psychobiol ;— Eilam D, Smotherman WP. How the neonatal rat gets to the nipple: Common motor modules and their involvement in the expression of early motor behavior. Phillips R. J Gravit Physiol ;9: P15— Comparison of hyper-and microgravity on rat muscle, organ weights and selected plasma constituents.

Aviat Space Environ Med ;—8. Mammary to metabolic function: Is gravity a continuum?


J Appl Physiol ; — Neurolab: Final report for the Ames Research Center payload. Reichhardt T. Nature ; Fejtek M, Wassersug R.

Effects of laparotomy, cage type, gestation period and spaceflight on abdominal muscles of pregnant rodents. J Exp Zool ;— Effects of microgravity on vestibular development and function in rats: Genetics and environ-ment.

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Kor J Biol Sci ;— Lactating rats retain nursing behavior and maternal care in space. Dev Psychobiol ; Sampling pre-and postnatal offspring from individual rat dams enhances animal use without compromising development. Contemp Top Lab Anim Sci ;— Development of circadian rhythms in rat pups exposed to micro-gravity during gestation. J Gravit Physiol ;— Rat gestation during space flight: Outcomes for dams and their offspring born after return to Earth. Integr Physiol Behav Sci ;— Prenatal centrifugation: A model for developmental programming of adult body weight?

Series: Advances in Space Biology and Medicine

J Gravit Physiol ;P— Kinematics of treadmill locomotion in rats conceived, born, and reared in a hyper-gravity field 2g. Adaptation to 1g. Behav Brain Res ; — Gravity influences the development of inputs from the brain to lumbar motoneurons in the rat.

Starship Congress 2017: Christoph Lahtz, "The Importance Of Space Biology Research"

Neuroreport ;— Centrifugation effects on estrous cycle, mating success and pregnancy outcome. Development of sensory motor reflexes in 2 G exposed rats.

J Gravit Physiol ; P21— Cortico-adrenal function under simulated weightlessness during gestation in the rat—effects on fetal development. Effects of hindlimb unloading on neuromuscu-lar development of neonatal rats.

1st Edition

Dev Brain Res ; — It was uncertain whether DNA sequencing would work in space because fluids behave differently in microgravity, and any bubbles in the system could be problematic. The MinION sequencer and other molecular biology facilities onboard the space station allow for in situ analysis of samples rather than having to return samples to Earth. With recent advances in systems biology, high throughput analytics, cutting-edge technologies, and access to a well-equipped orbiting laboratory, this is an exciting time for researchers. Tweet Share 0 LinkedIn 0 Email. More from this Issue.

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