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How did the Earth's surface become oxygen-rich?

  • Lindsey Barron Series Volume 2 The Board of Governors;
  • Geochemistry at the Institute of Geological Sciences!
  • Section 3.3: Earth Surface Geochemistry;
  • Ratio and Proportion: Research and Teaching in Mathematics Teachers’ Education (Pre- and In-Service Mathematics Teachers of Elementary and Middle School Classes).

The nature of mantle compositional heterogeneities. Causes and consequences of Earth's changing climate.


Tracing ocean circulation through time. Magmatic and eruptive processes. Weathering and the carbon cycle. Funding Millet, M. A reactive porous flow control on mid-ocean ridge magmatic evolution. Breathing more deeply: deep ocean carbon storage during the mid-Pleistocene climate transition. Geology 44 12 , pp. Pre-subduction metasomatic enrichment of the oceanic lithosphere induced by plate flexure.

Nature Geoscience 9 12 , pp. Oxygen isotopes and volatile contents of the Gorgona komatiites, Colombia: a confirmation of the deep mantle origin of H2O.

Earth and Planetary Science Letters , pp. Titanium stable isotope investigation of magmatic processes on the Earth and Moon. Evidence from accreted seamounts for a depleted component in the early Galapagos plume. Geology 44 5 , pp.

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Cu isotopes in marine black shales record the Great Oxidation Event. The dissolution of olivine added to soil: implications for enhanced weathering. Applied Geochemistry 61 , pp. The terrestrial uranium isotope cycle. Nature , pp. Precambrian Research , pp. Dr Morten Andersen Lecturer Email: andersenm1 cardiff. Departments Geodesy Geophysics Geochemistry Geosystems. International International Office Geo.


Central Research Topics I. Global Processes II.

go site Natural Hazards V. Georesources and Geoenergy. Section 3. Section Head. To achieve our goals, we engage in multidisciplinary collaborations with researchers from engineering, biology, and chemistry. Curiosity, collaborations, and taking advantage of technological and experimental innovations are the main drivers of research successes in the field of Earth System Geochemistry.

By strategically developing key skills within our faculty and students, we establish and maintain a thriving research, teaching and learning environment. Despite this apparent disparity, we believe that all of these processes are so closely intertwined that we have to understand them and their vulnerable relationships in a holistic and creative, yet systematic manner.

  1. (Post)apartheid Conditions: Psychoanalysis and Social Formation!
  2. Mineral Resource Estimation.
  3. Earth System Geochemistry.
  4. Geochemistry provides us with the common ground and platform to tackle these tasks. E: geology utep.