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When you should quit: Sounds like an obvious reason to quit, right? Not so fast. When Sunday comes around, the blues are bad. The thought of going to the office fills you with dread. You get envious of your friends who are in different careers or are just sick of having people to answer to. You just want to do something else completely. For example, plenty of people dream of being their own boss, but not all think about the implications and stress that comes with being an entrepreneur. The only thing better than a unicorn is a gay unicorn. Oh, you know what that means, all the new york gays came out to play.

And some came from New Jersey. You see I told my friends about the Monster Ball I told them that the Monster Ball would set them free, so we got into my car… but my car broke down in Brooklyn. So then we got onto the subway onto the F train which always gets me where I need to go. And I just have no fucking clue where we are. You think I should ask my friends for some help?

You know, my deepest and most loyal friends? You know… all my New York and tristate-area gays? Celebrate your gay pride. I hate money. Its hot as hell in here, New York. But nobody can ever make me take off my leather. I want your soul, honey. This is so crazy for me just completely psycho. I used to sit usually in the bleachers, you know, in the back.

And I would sit with my mom, you know, who would take me to see shows. So in light of watching all of you have a good time, I would like to dedicate this song to all the drunk assholes in my life.

I thought you all might want to stand up for her because, you know, it is Liza. And Marisa Tomei is here tonight. And when you sing pop music, your voice is too theater. And you know what? So thank you, Marisa, for always playing that role for us. During: Gaga: So thank you for giving me two bad bitched to look up to. Gaga: All right, you wanna hear a new one? This is from my new album, Born This Way. And she said that she knew just the music to play to get us closer and closer to the Monster Ball at Madison Square Garden.

Way up in the sky? Is that a rainbow?

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I used to get bullied a lot in high school by these really awful, mean girls who weighed about thirty pounds less than I did. And it used to make me feel really bad about myself.

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Do you feel sexy? Do you want me to die? Scream for me! Some people would like me to die.

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Does anyone know what I hate almost as much as I hate money? Audience: The Truth! Gaga: Yes, I hate the truth. So, mes petits monstres. Show me your teeth.

Gaga: Just in case any of you were wondering if I ever lip-sync during my shows, the answer is no. I never lip-sync, I never have lip-synced and I never will. Jesus, some people say that you only love a certain kind of person with certain kind of beliefs or background or sexual orientation. But, Jesus, you have blessed me.

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And every night, myself and the entire Haus of Gaga bleed to death infront of twenty four thousand people talking about love and unity. Jesus loves everybody. You are such an asshole. You know that? You are such an asshole on that instrument. You are so goddamn disrespectful on that guitar. Who taught you to play guitar like that, Jesus?

Show me your teeth teeth, teeth teeth. Everybody, this is Michael.

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I like Michael because Michael likes girls from New York. I also like Michael because Michael likes boys from New York. Just like Jesus, Michael loves everybody. So come on, Kern. I closed my eyes.

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And when I heard this man play the bass I knew it was his destiny. I love you too. There it is. The eternal fountain. The only fountain in the world that bleeds for you. Because my religion is you, Little Monsters. And tonight, like every night, my religion is New York. This is the record that changed my life. Just like you. Now dance. Gaga: You guys… I think that the Monster Ball is just up ahead… maybe on the right?

Ian: Are you sure, Gaga?

Gaga: Ian? Ian: Yeah.

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Gaga: Oh, come on, you guys. The Monster Ball is the greatest party on the planet. Gaga: Huh? Ian: What? Champagne: Ian, come on. Gaga: What? Even if the whole world turns their back on you… you always have yourself. You look so amazing.