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Lower Longmans, Green, Parsons University of Pennsylvania Press, Massie, Justin Quebec Studies, Vol. Parlez-Vous Francais? Are We Canadians? The Laboratoires also help students found their own brewery. With campuses in Chicago, Munich and Montreal , the Siebel Institute of Technology also provides educational programs in brewing science and technology including a Master Brewer program. The Institute gives courses in subjects ranging from home brewing to the microbiology of the industry's most advanced breweries.

As a side note, this intensive, twelve-week program is also offered in the form of correspondence course training. Depending on the school and its particular teaching methods, aspiring brewers not only learn about cooking, brewing and filtration techniques and the different varieties of grains and hops, but also about enzymes, microorganisms, heat exchange and processing, the biochemistry of barley, starches, bitter substances, pH and the reactivity of water ions, etc.

Even though beer is an important element of our cultural history, there is only one econo-museum devoted to it in all of French Canada. Intendant Talon's brewery was built there, as were the Dow and Boswell breweries. As a result, the site contains artefacts dating back to both the French regime and the Industrial Revolution, making it one of Quebec's most important brewing heritage landmarks.

A number of events and festivals held throughout the province from late summer until fall celebrate beer and the work of brewers. With the participation of several dozen breweries, restaurants and bars across Quebec, the day is a celebration of the regional qualities of the breweries, as well as beer's place in Quebec's heritage. The world's oldest fermented beverage is also one of its most versatile, able to adapt to new realities.

Look no further than the abundance of beer-related websites for proof that beer's place in the 21 st century is assured. With such widespread appreciation for the product of their work, it doesn't look like the brewer's trade will fade into oblivion any time soon. Catherine Ferland, Ph. Note 1. Note 2. In the early s, their contribution to Canada's economy averaged almost 14 billion dollars per year.

Note 3. Malting involves letting grains germinate in water then drying and roasting them to varying degrees of darkness.

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This operation, known as kilning, is what determines the beer's final colour. Technically speaking, brewing consists of cooking the malt in a vat with water. The resulting brew is generally filtered and flavoured. The wort is then transferred into a cool vat to rest, and yeast is sometimes added. There fermentation begins: sugars become alcohol, and the wort becomes beer.

Note 4. Molson continues to exert a powerful influence on Canadian society, especially in Quebec. Note 5. Note 6. Note 7. Note 8. Note 9. Note Page visited January 12 th , For example, the department of biotechnology of the university of La Rochelle offers a degree in "brewery operation. Courses leading to a degree in brewing are also offered at the University of Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium. In the U. The guides list festivals, breweries and vendors specialising in beer.

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  5. Ferland Catherine, Bacchus en Canada. Quebec Beer, Brewers and Breweries. European-inspired baked products ranging from cakes, pastries to baguettes are also well-known in Quebec. Red, white, or sparkling wines are commonly consumed while dining. Their traditional love for sweets has attracted a wide range of festivals from Maple Syrup Festival to Chocolate Festival. They are held every year where people come to smell the aroma of maple syrup preparation, see all kinds and forms of chocolates, and get together to celebrate this one-of-a-kind event.

    The colonial period is when art flourished, profusely from wood carving, ornamental needlework, rug hooking to producing outstanding portraits of Native Americans and the early settlers in the naive folk-art style. Painting is an art of creating pictures that records events, captures a likeness of a person, place, or object. Artists conduct various exhibitions, showcasing their cutting-edge trends, allowing everyone to experience their creative talents.

    Many major cities have the finest art galleries and schools that depict the simplicity and innocence of various enchanting artists around the world. The French-Canadians express themselves through various forms of art from paintings, printmaking, photography sculpture, mosaic, plastic art to installation arts. These artists are so talented and imaginative that you would surely be blown away by their creative sense. Quebec city has pretty impressive, southern-style mansions that echo history in every corner.

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    The buildings here give a very authentic European feel, with the right blend of the old and new world. There are many historic churches and chapels built with steep-pitched roofs, depicting the amazing French style decor. The roads and waterways, bridges, mills, and lighthouses are all countless reminders of how life was for the early colonists. This year old city has drawn great interest from tourists as well as archaeologists from all over the world.

    Chateau Frontenac. The Plains of Abraham, Place Royale and the Chateau Frontenac have all gained massive popularity, and are the most notable architectures of Quebec city. Lynn and Bruce Price were renowned for their Chateau-style architecture.

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    The early 16th and 17th century literature included journals maintained by voyagers with their memorable expeditions and notable contributions made in setting up New France or Quebec. There are also many religious documents that were maintained by the members of the Jesuit order, that talk about the birth of Christianity in New France. Journalism played a vital role in conveying information, and was the only mode of communication in the s. Many writers, novelists, poets, essayists, and short story writers emerged and flourished in the 18th, 19th, and 20th century.

    The Fiddle. French-Canadian culture is expressed by its unique music. Celtic music is an important genre of French-Canadian music. Festival Celtique de Quebec is the most prominent music festival celebrated in Quebec city. There also exist laws in Canada to protect French music. In the late 19th century, the French-Canadian folk music was called 'musique folklorique' or 'folklore music' which also means old music. These artists can perform a variety of songs from serious to humorous and full of joie de vivre. Some of the famous social folk dances such as cotillions, quadrilles, and gigues have a mix of French, English, Irish and Scottish influences.

    Musical instruments like the fiddle, guitar, and mouth organ are all key instruments, and when combined with various dance styles together, create legendary French-Canadian music. Theater and Cinema. The early documentaries were introduced by the Catholic ministries and civil officials, who tried to control what movies Quebeckers could watch.

    Canadian identity

    It was the s that changed the outlook of cinema and let the federal government take charge. French being predominantly spoken language in Quebec and Montreal, you would find French movies being given more preference than Hollywood movies. The Toronto International Film Festival and the Montreal Film Festival are the most prestigious festivals that showcase and award talented artists globally. Below is a list of top 10 French-Canadian movies in no particular order that have won several notable awards and been a successful hit at the box office. Official Sports. Lacrosse is a game played generally in the summers with long-handled rackets that are used to catch, carry, and throw the ball toward the opponent's goal.

    This sport dates back to the Native American times and is considered as one of the oldest sport. Quebec also caters to a wide variety of games from professional sports like soccer, baseball, basketball, football, curling, cricket to recreational sports like skiing, ice fishing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing and canoeing.

    They also have a wide range of individual sports like golf, wrestling, judo, and cycling. Ice Hockey. Ice Hockey is Canada's national sport that plays an important role in their lives. It is a game played on ice with players wearing skates holding angled sticks trying to get the flat, round puck into the opponent's goal.

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