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Many universities offer Master of Engineering Management degrees. The National Institute of Industrial Engineering based in Mumbai has been awarding degrees in the field of Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Engineering since and the Fellowship Doctoral degrees have been awarded since Cornell University started one of the first Engineering Management Masters programs in with the launch of their Master of Engineering M.

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The program allows students access to courses and programs in the College of Engineering, Johnson School of Management, and across Cornell University more broadly. Lamar University offers a Master of Engineering Management degree with flexible content to adjust to diverse engineering fields, with core content that includes operations management, accounting, and decision sciences.

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Students in the University of Kansas' Engineering Management Program are practicing professionals employed by over businesses, manufacturing, government or consulting firms. There are over actively enrolled students in the program and approximately alumni.

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Large and small engineering driven firms often require the expertise of external management consultants that specialize in companies where engineering practice and product development are key drivers of value. Most engineering management consultants will have as a minimum a professional engineering qualification. But usually they will also have graduate degrees in engineering and or business or a management consulting designation. It involves providing management consulting service that is specific to professional engineering practice or to the engineering industry sector.

Applied science and engineering practice requires a holistic approach involving a combination of management art, science, and engineering practice. There are many professional service companies delivering services in a consultancy type relationship to the engineering industry, including law , accounting , human resources , marketing , politics , economics , finance , public affairs , and communication.

Master in Information Systems Engineering and Management (ISEM)

Commonly, engineering management consultants are used when firms require a combination of special technical knowledge, and management know how, to enhance knowledge or transform organizational performance and also keep any intellectual property developed confidential. Management Engineering Consultants strive to improve upon existing organizations, processes, products or systems.

Engineering management consulting draws upon the principles and methods of engineering analysis and synthesis, as well as the mathematical, physical and social sciences together with the principles and methods of engineering design to specify, predict, and evaluate the results to be obtained from such systems or processes. Engineering management consulting can focus on the social impact of the product, process or system that is being analyzed.

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There is also an overlap between engineering management consulting and management science in services that require the adoption of more analytical approaches to problem solving. Examples of where engineering management consulting might be used include developing and leading a company wide business transformation initiative, or designing and implementing a new product development process, designing and implementing a manufacturing engineering process, including an automated assembly workstation. Services may include strategizing for various operational logistics, new product introductions, or consulting as an efficiency expert.

It may include using management science techniques to develop a new financial algorithm or loan system for a bank, streamlining operation and emergency room location or usage in a hospital, planning complex distribution schemes for materials or products referred to as Supply Chain Management , and shortening lines or queues at a bank, hospital, or a theme park. Management engineering consultants typically use computer simulation especially discrete event simulation , along with extensive mathematical tools and modeling and computational methods for system analysis, evaluation, and optimization.

There are a number of societies and organizations dedicated to the field of engineering management. Another prominent professional organization in the field is the American Society for Engineering Management ASEM , which was founded in by a group of 20 engineering managers from industry. The Master of Engineering Management Programs Consortium is a consortium of nine universities intended to raise the value and visibility of the MEM degree.

The first era mainframe and minicomputer computing was ruled by IBM and their mainframe computers for which they supplied both the hardware and software. These computers would often take up whole rooms and require teams to run them.

As technology advanced, these computers were able to handle greater capacities and therefore reduce their cost. The second era personal computers began in as microprocessors started to compete with mainframes and minicomputers and accelerated the process of decentralizing computing power from large data centers to smaller offices.

In the late s, minicomputer technology gave way to personal computers and relatively low-cost computers were becoming mass market commodities, allowing businesses to provide their employees access to computing power that ten years before would have cost tens of thousands of dollars. This proliferation of computers created a ready market for interconnecting networks and the popularization of the Internet. The first microprocessor — a four-bit device intended for a programmable calculator — was introduced in and microprocessor-based systems were not readily available for several years.

It is arguable that the microprocessor-based system did not make significant inroads into minicomputer use until , when VisiCalc prompted record sales of the Apple II on which it ran. The IBM PC introduced in was more broadly palatable to business, but its limitations gated its ability to challenge minicomputer systems until perhaps the late s to early s.

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Computers on a common network shared information on a server. This lets thousands and even millions of people access data simultaneously on networks referred to as Intranets. The fourth era enterprise computing enabled by high speed networks, consolidated the original department specific software applications into integrated software platforms referred to as enterprise software.

This new platform tied all aspects of the business enterprise together offering rich information access encompassing the complete management structure. The terms management information systems MIS , information system IS , enterprise resource planning ERP , computer science , electrical computer engineering , and information technology management IT are often confused. MIS is a hierarchical subset of information systems. MIS are more organization-focused narrowing in on leveraging information technology to increase business value.

Computer science is more software-focused dealing with the applications that may be used in MIS. Besides, Management Information Systems experts are dynamic who create a good connection between people and computers, and have good relationships with people from all levels. Therefore, graduates of this program mainly will have opportunity to work in information management centers, project development, research and development centers, software and programming, and consultancy sections of companies, governmental offices and non-profit organizations.

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Examples for job positions include, management information system expert or consultant or coordinator, project manager, data or system analyst and database administrator. About the Program The content of this program is designed to provide students the required scientific background of management systems, business and information technologies in this global competitive business environment and enable them to work on scientific research studies.

Education Opportunities Students in this Management Information Systems program, use computer laboratories which are equipped with advanced technologies and various digital applications to apply the theoretical knowledge received in classroom environments. Career Areas Students who graduate from this program will master developing information technologies that will help them to continuously improve themselves.