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Previously Mr. Earlier in his career, Mr. Brent is a wildlife biologist and owner of HoloScene Wildlife Services LLC, a private consulting company dedicated to protecting and restoring ecological integrity at all scales. While working for the Wildlife Conservation Society, he conducted a landscape-level wildlife conservation assessment of the Madison Valley in Montana.

OLAP and bibliographic databases

While at Craighead Institute, he incorporated theories of landscape ecology into the conservation of large, complex ecosystems. Brent combines innovative analytical techniques with GIS mapping to combine landscape-scale conservation planning with local land use decision making. These tools help professionals and private land owners to make better decisions about land management to protect our wildlife and the habitat on which they depend. Brent plays a leading role in helping sciGaia design web-based geographical information systems, maps, overlays, data sets, and data analytics.

Uday has decades of experience running programing teams and has extensive programming, database, and project management experience. The team he manages has a wide range of expertise in programming, visualizations, user interface, project management, web services, complex databases, big data, blockchain technology, map-based systems, and data analysis. Kothari has worked with Mr. Gannon for over 20 years and has built cutting edge software, including the first XBRL taxonomy tool, and the first implementation of wealth metrics on a community level.

Sean is a multifaceted creative: a graphic designer and front-end web developer with experience in visual identity, film making, user interface design, and information design. Sean studied Film and Photography at Montana State University and has over a decade of experience creating digital media across multiple disciplines. Data warehousing, technology assessment and management. Industrial Management and Data System, 3 , Marcum, J. From information center to discovery system: next step for libraries? The Journal of Academic Librarianship, 27 2 , Margo, H.

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Transforming Data with Intelligence

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